No Matter What May Be The Weather, Enjoy Healthy Grilled Food At Home

Most of the people loves to have grilled food. But during rainy and summer seasons, having grilled food from outside raises many questions in our mind. Is it safe? Is it good for health? Etc. So here comes the remedy to solve all your questions. Just grill your favorite food at your home by yourself without any worries. The only thing to do is purchase an indoor grill now itself.

Grilling is one of the most popular cooking methods worldwide. The ease and speed in which grilled food is cooked and the unique flavor that is infused into the food as a result of grilling are the primary reasons for its popularity. The concept of grilling is based on cooking food with a heat source positioned below the food. Depending on the type of grill used, the heat source often reaches a cooking temperature of 650ºF or higher; however, any temperature above 300°F is considered suitable as a grilling temperature.

A wide variety of equipment is used for grilling, ranging from the simple to the elaborate. An outdoor grill may be as straightforward as a homemade device in which a grate is placed over an open fire or it may be as sophisticated as a commercially produced charcoal or gas unit, providing inventive methods for controlling heat and maintaining uniformity in cooking. Electric and gas models, designed specifically for indoor use, allow food to be grilled within the home when outdoor grilling is not possible.

During the rainy season or during the snowfall, it is very difficult or not possible to use outdoor grill. So, having an indoor grill is more beneficial, as you can prepare your food whenever you need just by sitting at home.

Different types of indoor grill

There are different types of models designed for indoor use. They are as follows :-

Fireplace grills

Indoor grilling on a grate placed over the open fire of a wood burning fireplace has been a popular grilling method for hundreds of years. Because of the popularity of modern indoor grills, such as grills built into kitchen ranges and electric countertop grills, fireplace grills are seldom used today except by people who must use a fireplace as their primary source for cooking and heating and by folks who find traditional cooking methods to be a fun change of pace.
There are several types of grates that are manufactured specifically for fireplace grilling. One of the most popular is the Tuscan grill, which features a heavy metal grate and sturdy legs that allow the grill to be placed over the wood or charcoal in the fireplace. As the name implies, The Tuscan grill is Italian in origin and is still a popular item found in homes in Italy, especially in the Tuscany region.

Electric countertop grills

Portable electric countertop grills are the most popular type of indoor grill. The grills are produced by numerous manufacturers and are available in different range of sizes and styles. Countertop grill units provide a grilled or broiled flavor to a variety of foods, although perhaps not as pronounced a flavor as an outdoor grill provides. They are designed to be “smokeless” in order to be safe for indoor use. Portable indoor electric grills are convenient to use and are easy to clean. Most models are inexpensively priced.

Some countertop grills feature a grill rack constructed with a heavy molded non stick material. An electric heating unit is located directly beneath the grill rack. A drip well is positioned at the front of the unit to collect any melted fat or grease that escapes from food as it cooks. Some countertop grills have a grilling lid that can be closed during cooking to provide two-sided grilling.

Simpler models of countertop grills feature a traditional style, lightweight metal grilling grate that is positioned several inches above an electric heating unit, similar to the distance between the grate and the heat source of an outdoor grill. This type of unit usually does not include a lid to cover the food during grilling and the drip pan, or well, is located below the grilling grate rather than at the front.

Built-in grills

Many of the manufacturers of gas kitchen ranges offer models that include a built-in grill or feature a built-in grill as an option. They provide a more pronounced grilled flavor than most electric countertop grills. Most built-in grills are used in conjunction with some type of venting system to draw excess smoke and cooking fumes from the kitchen. Like indoor electric countertop grills, built-in grills are convenient to use and are a good substitute when grilling cannot be performed outdoors.


Even if you don’t have the space or place to grill outside, that doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t grill. Whether you live in an apartment or you are just on a budget, indoor grilling is always an option. You can achieve great results with just an indoor grill.